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The Beatles visit Elgin’s Two Red Shoes Note: it was the late ’70s that the Two Red Shoes closed. When the Beatles performed in Elgin Scotland’s Two Red Shoes Ballroom, they were well received by band leader Alex Sutherland who reported back to impresario Albert Bonici

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Nazareth rocks

‘ “I remember the exact date that we turned full-time,” reminisces Nazareth bassist Pete Agnew. “It was the first of July 1971 and our manager told us, ‘Turn pro, and I’ll pay you the same salary as you’re earning now’.

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Terry Russell – Scottish vocalist

Terry Russell was managed by LCB Agency and recorded on BBC radio and Grampian television besides Norco Records Ltd. related post: Terrance “Terry” H Russell who hailed from Aberdeenshire, Scotland before a solo career, was part of

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BEAT on Orkney Island

Popular local band from Orkey Island were the Alphabeats heard playing to appreciative citizens of the Island: “The Alphabeats in the Cosmo. (Dave) Alan Hale has put together this excellent homage to the heyday of the Cosmo Ballroom in Kirkwall.” 

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british soul 1960’s “Widespread British interest in soul music developed after the advent of rock and roll from the mid-1950s and the subsequent interest in American music. In the early 1960s, rhythm and blues, including soul, was particularly popular among some

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The Phantoms of Buckie

Buckie, Scotland, a burgh town on the northern coast of Scotland, produced some talented young musicians in an area that supports the arts. Whilst most known for celtic music through the popular Speyfest, the area produced musicians performing contemporary

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Opium Trail Scotland” In the 1960s and 70s the likes of The Silver Beetles, Rod Stewart and Status Quo all descended upon the county. In the 1990s, an Ian McCulloch-free Echo & The Bunnymen turned up in Thurso, as did a young

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