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BEAT on Orkney Island

Popular local band from Orkey Island were the Alphabeats heard playing to appreciative citizens of the Island: “The Alphabeats in the Cosmo. (Dave) Alan Hale has put together this excellent homage to the heyday of the Cosmo Ballroom in Kirkwall.” 

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beat scene scotland

Kinks documentary Most town folk in the north of Scotland tend to be unimpressed with celebrity status though appreciate music and entertainment. Even today, artist and entertainers who live in rural parts of the country, enjoy privacy as they

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Elgin, Scotland music scene 1960s

By the end of WWII and through to the early ’60s, both traditional and modern jazz bands were enjoyed by young people attending dances in the UK. ‘I was a jazz man and didn’t really listen to the pop groups much…” Albert Bonici and wife Betty who were amongst those who loved listening and dancing

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Satch MacKenzie/Colin Henderson

Satch MacKenzie met Albert Bonici when he played “skiffle” and rock-n-roll with a couple local bands in Morayshire in the late ’50s though his earlier music education was thanks to Elgin City Band who trained local youth. He enlisted in the military in 1963 and

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Beat tunes

1959: A year before the “Silver Beetles” appeared in Forres, there was a “Beetle drive and social evening for folk in this small village in Morayshire. The festivities included “a special prize for the best drawing of a Beetle”. None of them

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Jazz time Scotland

The youngest member of the Two Red Shoes house-band Colin Henderson joined the band at 16 after this recording which included his father and uncle Billy and Bobby Henderson. He and Roger Niven were recently recorded together

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